MojoJojo’s cousin, the new Super Villain!

Recently, 9 people were found off the coast of Japan in a small wooden boat. These people had run away from their home country. They were wearing hoods, masks and glasses to conceal their identity, hoping that their relatives in homeland won’t be identified and sent to DEATH CAMPS…! and no Hitler is not back.

We have all watched cartoons as kids and its taken for granted that the ‘good’ will win over the ‘evil’, no matter how powerful, ruthless and ambitious the villan is, the hero wins every single time. (He may have the script on his side…) But what about the real world? Our constant attempts to script it don’t work very well.

In the real world, Mojo-jojo was busy fighting the powerpuff girls so his cousin (who looks just as short and has a similar name) got jelous and decided to take over a whole country…

And he has indeed… The country in question is Pyongyang, 조선민주주의인민공화국, or North Korea. And the villan is Kim Jong-il, the dictator, ruler and (i’m not kidding) god, of the whole country. Yup, if u thought you had it bad from our hideious corrupt politicians and unjust nagging parents, then you need to change the whole dimension of thought here. Its like the whole country is grounded forever… Here’s what is going on in North Korea… Things even Mojo-jojo wouldn’t do..

The dictator, Kim Jong-il controls ALL media including the radio, news etc… U need a licence to buy a TV, which has 3 channels in the capital, and 1 (ONE!) channel in the rest of the country, all owned and controlled by the ‘government’ to propogate the ‘glory’ of Kim Jong-il and his family. The whole country is brainwashed to believe the ‘sacred birth’ of their leader (They teach that from school). So all you can watch on the TV, is the pathetic face of a mass murderer smiling at you as u die in your home, because hospitals are worse.

Any critisim of the ‘government’ is punishable by death. ‘Political prisoners’ are sent to labour camps with their families including children and grandparents for the rest of their lives. Most die from starvation or torture.

As kids, we loved to boast about our ‘general knowledge’ (catterpiller has 16 legs yay!), bah, the entire population there is yet to know that man has been to the moon! Internet is banned.  More than 900,000 people have died of starvation in that country but according to the country’s controlled media, North Korea has NEVER suffered famine or poverty. (U may die of starvation while watching how well the country is prospering  :P) If you are caught stealing food or attempting to escape the country you are PUBLICALY executed. A North Korean man was brutally tortured and publically executed by firing squad for calling a friend in South Korea on his mobile phone. (International calls are punishable by death).

Vehicles and fuel are reserved only for the political elite (leave vehicles, people don’t own themselves). People there are led to believe that their leader is loved the world over and is the ‘greatest’ and ‘kindest’ person in the entire world and has rendered immortal services to era and humankind.. (yup he has, by reinstating our faith in democracy!) It is hard to register in our mind that all this is actually happening to a whole country! Mojo’s cousin is bad!

It is intresting to see that if a whole country can be conditioned to believe and behave in a certain way, the whole of humanity is also another version of (intentional or unintentional) conditioning? We have slowly evolved from the indivisual power (imperialism, rulers etc) to power of the people (democracy). Power of a system will always outweigh the power of an indivisual. Dictators, communists and control freaks cannot keep their control for long because people will always gravitate towards a better alternative, it is our nature to do so.

In real life the hero or (wht we percieve as) ‘good’ eventually wins, not because of the script, but because people move towards what benifits them. I believe that freedom of North Korea is inevitable. Freedom in the sense of freedom from basic insecurities, because after all we too are slaves to the systems that we create…


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