On, religious sentiment of anger towards hardline terrorism.

When religious people abuse the terrorists, i wonder weather they think for a moment that, the terrorists think that they themselves are doing the right thing (for their own religion), we perceive them as downright evil but they actually believe that someone up there wants them to do what they do, just as u think someone up there wants u to do things (on a much smaller scale like rituals and beliefs), but don’t u see the wrongness in this whole movement of thought!? An institution of faith, wants you to wage wars for self preservation. It requires you to actually believe tht there is an ultimate force, which by the way seems to have a wicked sense of humor, and you are to constantly please and bow down to it. The terrorist is highly indoctrinated. Brainwashed, he is forever trapped in his own fairytale concept of things. So its is almost amusing to watch a religious person abuse other religious people because their idea of religion is different. Both are unaware, tht at different levels, both are brainwashed!
In urban India, a shift from hardline devoteesm, to (today, or atleast ppl around me) a much diluted sense of belief, has occurred because people started to realize that no1 was judged for what they did or did not do. Yet due to prior conditioning over years and years, accepting that there is no judge at all, is very difficult.. How does a mind develop when it is locked in this system? Religion is very attractive comfort because people think they already know the answers to everything! But when two answers don’t match, then there are blasts, deaths and more wars, all to protect their own version of stories which have outlived their purpose to civilize.
Its hard to believe tht at this stage of development, so many people here are yet so hopelessly trapped..


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