Ahhh Something wrong with education! :O –(couldn’t think of better title)

From your birth to the time u are reading this. You have absorbed a lot of information and understanding. Even though formal education might have gone wasted on a few of us, we have never stopped learning. Like mini terminators, children march into schools, stupid, dumb and irritating and after many years, if they have managed to level up, they come out pretty much the same except that they are loaded with information and bigger processors. School and colleges are like manufacturers. They take in raw material and try to make the finished product, as efficient, polished and domestic as possible. So that we may become good citizens, so that we may trade our acquired skills and information for money. Formal education is a way living better in this society. It is what has come to be called learning. Stuffing up kids with atoms and electrons and maths at ages as early as 10 and 11. We have moved from what the kid finds interest in and wants to learn to what needs to be learnt. By natural competition for basically every resource there is, the kids that ‘learnt’ the value of ‘pi’ or whatever got employed and others did not.
So concerned moms and dads basically made it their life’s mission to tell their kids everything that can be crammed into their heads. They have also taken to lure kids with gadgets, gizmo’s, not harassing them and money… if they study. The little kid never knows that it just prostituted itself.
Its not that parents are evil pimps. Its just that you (if u are not a parent already), might or might not agree with me now. But after many years when you will be ‘bhlleesssed whith ae chiiiillllld’, you will be outraged at this very writing. You will condemn it and shield your kid’s eyes from it. You won’t want the kid to read this and suddenly have different ideas about going to school! Your instant who-cares-about-those lil-retards attitude will transform into, look!-look!-me-responsible-parent attitude. You will do everything possible to give your kid an advantage over the competition. The kid will grind endless lead and ink to be called a ‘ler-ned person’. But that’s not enough. Everyone around is ler-ned. So you will push your kid further and further into a path that you indirectly, conditionally made him choose, and they, kids cannot say anything because they were the ones who made the choice.
I did not write this to (only) rant about childbearers and slavekids. I also wrote this note to wonder weather we are ever going to be free of this. It is natural for parents to become overly concerned about their kids because they are a part of them. But because of our large numbers and growing need to acquire more and more money as prices inflate we are ever more under pressure to stay in the league. The problem is not with parents and schools and colleges. These are institutions which impart knowledge (though selectively) help us grow and civilize. The problem is with our numbers. Our growing population makes the competition so intense that people are led to believe that things like, doing crazy things, having serious interests and taking your time, are things that should be smiled upon and shook off. ‘Hobbies’ they are sometimes called. That happiness is some certified achievement and not doing things that you want. This indoctrination or brainwashing is required so that the kid/person (nt much diff) goes into a particular direction. Without this illusion the they might not survive the competition.
In the race of a billion horses, only those that were trained the most, had the genetics, that were beaten the most had the advantage. They were fitted with flaps near their eyes so that all they could see was the track. And yea they came ahead of others. They won and made the owners proud. They were never really made for the tracks and yet that was all of the life they ever saw. They thought the food was worth it…

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