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Internet.. the last gate closing

Internet… Its more vast than Earth itself.. If you spent all your life just flicking from one page to another, you’d see only a fraction of what is an ocean of data. The total time required to see all the videos on youtube 4-5 years back was more than 400 years! At that time youtube consumed more bandwidth than the whole of internet itself in year 2000.

It is the only place where free speech is litterally free. Where you choose to remain anonimous or not. The only place where we really contact and respond to, the whole world. When was the last time you wrote letters to unseen penpals? Never i hope…

Recently, Kapil Sibal and his pals, the govt, decided that internet was too offensive, no amount of money or influence worked here. So they are now trying to bring regulations and censors, to filter ‘offensive’ content on facebook, google and its branches and basically the whole of internet accessed from India. He wants ‘defamatory’ content to be taken down and companies like fb to filter everything that is uploaded for ‘offensive’ ‘inflamatory’ content.

Usually i am calm about politicians looting billions from the public but this is more serious than starvation. Much, much more serious. It’s like saying, dying of starvation is allright but saying something about it is ‘inflamatory and offensive’ to the politicians and so should be taken down. That’s no different than our lame neighbours china! These people are litterally trying to control communication itself!

The internet, all the pages, websites, social networks and video sites are unregulated. They are the only place in the whole world, where you can say what you feel, irrespective of what others (people, politicians, religious leaders etc..) think about it. Kapil Sibal is also against ‘degradatory’ comments on religious leaders. I don’t like religion. It has caused more deaths than world wars and hitler combined. Religion is an idea. And an idea changes because of other ideas,(rational or otherwise) but when you stop this flow, that’s when we are doomed. Any idea that one might feel offensive or taboo or whatever, other feels in a different way and both have the right to express what they feel. Religious leaders have a lot at stake and their best trick is to keep things the way they are. Change, for them is bad because it puts the whole idea in question over time, as better ones come. From the time scientists and their books were burnt for being anti-christian to Kapil Sibal today, these people at power know that controlling communication, effectively limit’s people’s power hugely.

The anti-corruption movement, egypt and libya’s freedom and uncountable other movements… were kickstarted on the internet. Speaking against the government was met with torture in egypt and libya, but internet, hard to control due to its vastness gave power to the people to overthrow their regimes. Overthrow an idea…

What people want to say, they have a right to say. If the government, people, religions, groups, fundamentalists etc… find it offensive, then run to your mom, don’t read it. If you want to say something against it then say it with arguement, not by blocking the means of communication just because you have the power.

A place where unquestionable, is questioned and unthinkable is thought, should be protected at all cost. The real power of people is to be able to express and respond with people. Its like banning your local cofee shop because you gather to discuss stuff…

Remember, the biggest insecurity to people, used to power is people who they think are below them, take it away. You are not their pawns, they are in that position because of you. To serve you, what you want. Over time, they have forgotten that they need us to stay up there.

Internet must be protected at all costs, it has to be uncontrolled and untamed. Else, we’ll be slaves to our own servants… not politicians anymore… rulers.. controllers..


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